Associate at the Center for Strategic Projects: Join us and dive in at the deep end

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CSP Associate

As an associate at the Center for Strategic Projects, you contribute your skills and applied knowledge to leave a lasting impression.

Do you want to progress further with the Center for Strategic Projects (CSP) and make the leap to one of the most exciting and challenging industries? Are you looking to focus more on applying your consulting expertise and experience? Then why not seize the opportunity to move to us? You are exactly what we're looking for.

As an associate, your one-to-two years of professional experience have already equipped you with essential specialist know-how and good project management skills. You can get to the bottom of issues and are able to create high-quality concepts and use a special portfolio of methods, even under time pressure.

You can communicate your personal convictions and opinions confidently and clearly while considering and respecting the views of others at all times. As an associate at the Center for Strategic Projects, you also possess good moderation, conflict management and presentation skills. As an associate, you are not required to be an expert in a particular subject area, but can choose your own focus topics and specialism. All doors are open to you at this career level, from financial controlling to change management, marketing or innovation management - to name just a few examples.

We offer our associates the chance to take their development at Deutsche Telekom into their own hands. Prove you are ready to take on additional tasks thanks to direct contact with customers and by pursuing topics independently.

Meet our employee

Birinder Singh Khurana is an associate at the Center for Strategic Projects.

As an Associate, I support transformation projects by working together with colleagues in the Group to design concepts. I have an extensive portfolio of methods at my disposal to make sure that we achieve our project targets. One thing that is essential in doing this is keeping an eye on the bigger picture and ensuring overall clarity. We call this the solution-focused approach; I benefit from it because it hones my analytical skills and helps me to grasp new situations quickly and to summarize them clearly. I am involved in a wide range of different tasks that can originate at any point of Deutsche Telekom's value chain. For example, my most recent task involved providing a clear overview of exactly what points of customer contact we have at Deutsche Telekom and how we can use these points effectively for marketing purposes.

Our projects involve drawing up comprehensive solutions in collaboration with colleagues from a variety of functional units, often including colleagues from a range of different operating segments. At the same time we must keep our stakeholders' interests in mind. We use our analytical skills and emotional intelligence to develop the optimum solution for our customers. I get a real kick out of that mixture of analytical and emotional thinking! I receive continuous feedback, which enables me to constantly think about and improve my skills.

I studied electrical engineering and computer science at Aachen University of Technology and then opted to join the career ladder in the telecommunications industry, initially as a software designer for mobile devices at Ericsson GmbH and then as an external consultant for Vodafone GmbH. The MBA program that I studied alongside my job opened the door to the Center for Strategic Projects for me. an internal employee, I am seen as a colleague, which means I enjoy a great deal of trust from my co-workers. This allows an open exchange of ideas on an equal footing, which is beneficial to the quality of work. As an in-house consultant I stay within the Group, which means that I can put my network and previous project experience to good use. This makes us more efficient and helps us to see the bigger picture more easily.

... it enables me to work on varied, strategic tasks in a friendly, motivated team.

I spend a lot of time with my family and friends, enjoy going to the cinema and listen to a great deal of music. I also go jogging along the Rhine regularly to enjoy the view.

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