Meet Madlen Richter from T-Systems Switzerland

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"If you really want to, you can achieve anything in this huge, international company. You have a choice between different departments, companies and even countries."

I joined Telekom in 2006 because it was one of the few companies that would allow recent graduates to take on reasonable challenges and offer them international opportunities. The company is really very good at training and an excellent choice for those beginning their careers or young professionals.

I've been able to develop both personally and professionally here. Throughout my five years I've attended a number of training sessions, both internally and externally, and my first manager also pushed and supported me. I now also have a vast internal network that I can rely on for support. The reverse is true too – I'm always happy to help my co-workers. We really are one team. But being a team doesn't just mean being a reliable co-worker, it's also important to communicate well.

The company also has amazing international opportunities. In one memorable project, I spent five months in South Africa where I got to know the people and culture. I made several friends I'll have for life. I'm head of finance at T-Systems Switzerland and work in a team of 7 within a department of 35. It's a diverse team with Swiss, German and French co-workers. I enjoy working with each of them because they offer fresh viewpoints and support me in different situations.
The company really has transformed over the last few years to become very focused on providing the best-possible service to our customers. That's what I really enjoy about Telekom – diversity, working together in teams and providing exceptional service.

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